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A Witch Transformed Into A Hare Injured By One Whom She Tormented


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

An old woman, thought to be a witch, was said by a neighbour to be in
the habit of visiting her nightly in the shape of a hare, and that in
consequence she was deprived of her rest. The witch came to her bed, as
a hare, and crossed it, and the tormented one was determined to put an
end to this persecution. For this purpose she procured a hammer, which
she placed under her pillow when she retired to rest. That night the old
witch, unaware of the reception awaiting her, paid her usual visit to her
victim. But the instant she jumped on the bed she received a stunning
blow on the head, and, it need not be added, disappeared. Next morning,
a friend of the persecuted woman, who was in the secret of the whole
case, on some pretext paid the old woman, the supposed witch, a visit,
and she was greatly astonished to find her laid up, suffering from a
frightful black eye, which her visitor believed to be the result of the
blow dealt her with the hammer on the previous night.

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