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Bunnyyarl The Flies And Wurrunnunnah The Bees

Source: Australian Legendary Tales

The Bunnyyarl and Wurrunnunnah were relations, and lived in one camp.
The Wurrunnunnah were very hardworking, always trying to gather food in
a time of plenty, to lay in a store for a time of famine. The Bunnyyarl
used to give no heed to the future, but used to waste their time
playing round any rubbish, and never thinking even of laying up any
provisions. One day the Wurrunnunnah said, "Come out with us and gather
honey from flowers. Soon will the winter winds blow the flowers away,
and there will be no more honey to gather."

" No," said the Bunnyyarl, "we have something to look to here." And
off they went, turning over some rubbish and wasting their time,
knowing whatever the Wurrunnunnah brought they would share with them.
The Wurrunnunnah went alone and left the Bunnyyarl to their rubbish.
The Wurrunnunnah gathered the flowers and stored the honey, and never
more went back to live with the Bunnyyarls, for they were tired of
doing all the work.

As time went on the Wurrunnunnah were changed into little wild bees,
and the lazy Bunnyyarls were changed into flies.

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