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Charms Performed With Snake's Skin


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

1. Burn the skin and preserve the ashes. A little salve made out of the
ashes will heal a wound.

2. A little of the ashes placed between the shoulders will make a man

3. Whoso places a little of the ashes in the water with which he washes
himself, should his enemies meet him, they will flee because of the
beauty of his face.

4. Cast a little of the ashes into thy neighbour's house, and he will
leave it.

5. Place the ashes under the sole of thy foot, and everybody will agree
with thee.

6. Should a man wrestle, let him place some of the ashes under his
tongue, and no one can conquer him.

7. Should a man wish to know what is about to occur to him, let him
place a pinch of the ashes on his head, and then go to sleep, and his
dreams will reveal the future.

8. Should a person wish to ascertain the mind of another, let him throw
a little of the ashes on that person's clothes, and then let him ask what
he likes, the answer will be true.

9. Has already been given above. (See page 272).

10. If a person is afraid of being poisoned in his food, let him place
the ashes on the table with his food, and poison cannot stay there with
the ashes.

11. If a person wishes to succeed in love, let him wash his hands and
keep some of the ashes in them, and then everybody will love him.

12. The skin of the adder is a remedy against fevers.

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