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Divination With The Twca Or Knife


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

The proceeding was as follows:--The party who wished to know whom he, or
she, was to marry, went to the church secretly and walked around it seven
times, repeating the while these words:--

Dyma'r Twca,
Lle mae'r wain?

Here's the knife,
Where's the sheath?

And it was thought that the spirit of his or her life partner would
appear to the person who held the knife, with the sheath in his or her
hand, and that it would be found that the one fitted the other exactly.
I have been told by a person who resorted to this test that if the person
was to become a wife, her lover would certainly appear to her; if she was
to die an old maid then a coffin would meet her. The superstition is
mentioned in Bardd Cwsg--

Fe glywai rai yn son am fyned i droi o gwmpas yr Eglwys i weled eu
cariadau, a pheth a wnaeth y catffwl ond ymddangos i'r ynfydion yn ei lun
ei hun. That is in English:--

He heard some persons talking of going round the church to see their
sweethearts, but what did the stupid one (the devil) do, but appear to
the foolish things in his own person.

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