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Source: Aino Folktales

To dream of rice-beer, a river, swimming, or anything connected with
liquids, causes rainy weather. For instance, I dreamt last night that I
was drinking rice-beer, and accordingly it is raining to-day.

To dream of eating meat brings disease. So does dreaming of eating sugar
or anything red.

To dream of killing or knocking a man down is lucky. To dream of being
killed or knocked down is unlucky.

To dream that a heavy load which one is carrying feels light is lucky.
The contrary dream prognosticates disease.

To dream of a long rope which does not break, and in which there are no
knots even when it is wound up, is lucky, and prognosticates victory.

To dream of flying like a bird, and perching on a tree, prognosticates
rain and bad weather.

When a man is about to start off hunting, it is very lucky for him to
dream of meeting a god in the mountains, to whom he gives presents, and
to whom he makes obeisance. After such a dream, he is certain to kill a

To dream of being pursued with a sharp weapon is unlucky.

To dream that one is wounded, and bleeding freely, is a good omen for
the chase.

To dream of the sun and moon is probably unlucky, especially if one
dreams of the waning moon. But it is not unlucky to dream of the new

To dream of a bridge breaking is unlucky. But to dream of crossing a
bridge in safety is lucky.

For a husband to dream of his absent wife as smiling, well-dressed, or
sleeping with himself, is unlucky.--(Written down from memory. Told by
Ishanashte, November, 1886.)

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