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Followers Of The Sun


Source: Indian Legends Retold

There were once four brothers, who as soon as they noticed that the
sun rose in one quarter and set in another, made up their minds to
follow on to the place of his setting. They were very young when they
set out toward the west, and as the years passed they grew to be tall
youths, then strong men in their prime, yet they could never overtake
the Sun.

Old age had begun to creep upon the travelers when at last they
reached the shores of the Everywhere Salt Water (the ocean). Behind
its shining rim the golden ball descended, and they were given power
to follow, and where sky and water met to reach their journey's end.

"Why are you here who have not yet died?" asked the Sun.

"We have done nothing but follow you all our lives," replied the

"Only the dead come here," the Sun insisted. "You will have to go

He sent them each home on the wings of a buzzard, and thus returned
to their amazed people four feeble old men, who had been where no
mortal ever went before. When they had told all their strange story,
they lay down and died, and so returned to the glories of heaven,
which they alone of all men had seen before their time.

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