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Ghosts Or Spirits


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

Ghosts, or Spirits, were supposed to be the shades of departed human
beings who, for certain reasons, were permitted to visit either nightly,
or periodically, this upper world.

The hour that Spirits came to the earth was mid-night, and they remained
until cock-crowing, when they were obliged to depart. So strongly did
the people believe in the hours of these visits, that formerly no one
would stay from home later than twelve o'clock at night, nor would any
one proceed on a journey, until chanticleer had announced that the way
was clear. Christmas Eve, however, was an exception, for during that
night, no evil Spirit could appear.

It was thought that if two persons were together, one only could see the
Spirit, to the other he was invisible, and to one person only would the
Spirit speak, and this he would do when addressed; otherwise, he remained

Ghosts re-visited the world to reveal hidden treasures, and the murdered
haunted the place where their unburied bodies lay, or until vengeance
overtook the murderer, and the wicked were doomed to walk the earth until
they were laid in lake, or river, or in the Red Sea.

The presence of Spirits was announced by a clanking of chains, by
shrieks, or other horrible noises, and dogs, and horses, were credited
with the power of seeing Spirits. Horses trembled and perspired at their
presence, and dogs whined and crouched at their approach.

The tales which I shall now relate throw a glimmering light on the
subject now under consideration.

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