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How A Dead Tiger Killed The Princess

Category: Fables From the Forest

Source: Laos Folk-lore Of Farther India

There was once a king who had a daughter at whose birth a wise man
foretold that she would be killed by a tiger when she was a maiden
grown. In order that no animal might approach her, the king built her a
house set upon one huge pillar, and there she and her attendants ever

And it fell upon a day, when the daughter was well grown, that one of
the hunters, whose labor it was to kill the tigers of the country,
brought a dead one to the palace of the king. The princess, seeing her
dead enemy, came down from her tower and plucked a whisker from the
tiger, and, as she blew her breath on it, she cried, "I do not fear
thee, O my enemy, for thou art dead!" But the poison, which is in the
whiskers of a tiger, entered into the blood of the princess, and she

Then did the king make a proclamation, and sent messengers throughout
all his realm, commanding that, when a tiger was killed, all his
whiskers be immediately pulled out and burned, that a tiger may not be
able to slay when dead; and until this day, the people obey the command
of the king.

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