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Lion's Illness

Source: South-african Folk-tales

Lion, it is said, was ill, and they all went to see him in his
suffering. But Jackal did not go, because the traces of the people who
went to see him did not turn back. Thereupon, he was accused by Hyena,
who said, "Though I go to look, yet Jackal does not want to come and
look at the man's sufferings."

Then Lion let Hyena go, in order that she might catch Jackal; and she
did so, and brought him.

Lion asked Jackal: "Why did you not come here to see me?"

Jackal said, "Oh, no! when I heard that my uncle was so very ill, I went
to the witch (doctor) to consult him, whether and what medicine would be
good for my uncle against the pain. The doctor said to me, 'Go and tell
your uncle to take hold of Hyena and draw off her skin, and put it on
while it is still warm. Then he will recover.' Hyena is one who does not
care for my uncle's sufferings."

Lion followed his advice, got hold of Hyena, drew the skin over her
ears, whilst she howled with all her might, and put it on.

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