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Oongnairwah And Guinarey

Source: Australian Legendary Tales

Oongnairwah, the diver, and Guinarey, the eagle hawk, told all the
pelicans, black swans, cranes, and many others, that they would take
their net to the creek and catch fish, if some of them would go and
beat the fish down towards the net.

Gladly went the pelicans, black swans, and the rest to the creek. In
they jumped, and splashed the water about to scare the fish down
towards where Oongnairwah and Guinarey were stationed with their net.
Presently little Deereeree, the wagtail, and Burreenjin, the peewee,
who were on the bank sitting on a stump, called out, "Look out, we saw
the back of an alligator in the water." The diver and eagle hawk called
back, "Go away, then. The wind blows from you towards him. Go back or
he will smell you."

But Deereeree and Burreenjin were watching the fishing and did not heed
what was said to them. Soon the alligator smelt them, and he lashed out
with his tail, splashing the water so high, and lashing so furiously,
that all the fishermen were drowned, even Deereeree and Burreenjin on
the bank--not one escaped, And red was the bank of the creek, and red
the stump whereon Deereeree and Burreenjin had sat, with the blood of
the slain. And the place is called Goomade and is red for ever.

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