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Pezhiu And Wabose Or The Lynx And Hare

Source: The Myth Of Hiawatha


A lynx almost famished, met a hare one day in the woods, in the winter
season, when food was very scarce. The hare, however, stood up on a
rock, and was safe from its enemy.

"Wabose," said the lynx, in a very kind manner, "come here, my little
white one,[46] I wish to talk to you."

"Oh no," replied the hare, "I am afraid of you, and my mother told me
never to go and talk to strangers."

"You are very pretty," answered the lynx, "and a very obedient child to
your parents, but you must know that I am a relative of yours. I wish
to send some word to your lodge. Come down and see me."

The hare was pleased to be called pretty, and when she heard that it
was a relative, she jumped down from the place where she stood, and was
immediately torn in pieces by the lynx.[47]

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