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Pont-y-glyn Ghost


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

There is a picturesque glen between Corwen and Cerrig-y-Drudion, down
which rushes a mountain stream, and over this stream is a bridge, called
Pont-y-Glyn. On the left hand side, a few yards from the bridge, on the
Corwen side, is a yawning chasm, through which the river bounds. Here
people who have travelled by night affirm that they have seen ghosts--the
ghosts of those who have been murdered in this secluded glen.

A man who is now a bailiff near Ruthin, but at the time of the appearance
of the Ghost to him at Pont-y-Glyn was a servant at Garth Meilio--states
that one night, when he was returning home late from Corwen, he saw
before him, seated on a heap of stones, a female dressed in Welsh
costume. He wished her good night, but she returned him no answer. She,
however, got up and proceeded down the road, which she filled, so great
were her increased dimensions.

Other Spirits are said to have made their homes in the hills not far from
Pont-y-Glyn. There was the Spirit of Ystrad Fawr, a strange Ghost that
transformed himself into many things. I will give the description of
this Ghost in the words of the author of Y Gordofigion.

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