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Raven And The Hunters


Source: Indian Legends Retold

One day Raven happened to see a boat load of hunters coming home with
plenty of game. As usual, he was hungry, and it occurred to him to
take the shape of a woman in the hope of obtaining some food.

Sure enough, when the hunters noticed a good-looking young woman on
the shore, they beached their canoe and took her on board. She had a
child in her arms, and the child cried incessantly.

"It is hungry," the woman explained; so they made much broth of wild
ducks and fed the child and its mother. They feasted most of that
night, and the head man was so well pleased with the supposed woman
that he offered to marry her. All went well till they awoke in the
morning, when, to his surprise and disgust, the new wife looked like a

"So it is you, up to your tricks again, you good-for-nothing Raven! Be
off with you!" exclaimed the angry hunter, and he cast him overboard.

Raven put on his feathered robe and flew off without any trouble, and
at the same moment the baby turned to a crow and flew away also.

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