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Satan Appearing To A Young Man


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

A young man, who had left Pentrevoelas to live in a farm house called
Hafod Elwy, had to go over the hills to Denbigh on business. He started
very early, before the cock crew, and as it was winter, his journey over
the bleak moorlands was dismal and dreary. When he had proceeded several
miles on his journey an unaccountable dread crept over him. He tried to
dispel his fear by whistling and by knocking the ground with his walking
stick, but all in vain. He stopped, and thought of returning home, but
this he could not do, for he was more afraid of the ridicule of his
friends than of his own fear, and therefore he proceeded on his journey
and reached Pont Brenig, where he stopped awhile, and listened, thinking
he might see or hear someone approaching. To his horror, he observed,
through the glimmering light of the coming day, a tall gentleman
approaching, and by a great exertion he mastered his feelings so far as
to enable him to walk towards the stranger, but when within a few yards
of him he stood still, for from fright he could not move. He noticed
that the gentleman wore grey clothes, and breeches fastened with yellow
buckles, on his coat were two rows of buttons like gold, his shoes were
low, with bright clasps to them. Strange to say, this gentleman did not
pass the terrified man, but stepped into the bog and disappeared from

Ever afterwards, when this man passed the spot where he had met the Evil
One, he found there money or other valuables. This latter incident
connects this tale with Fairy Folk-Lore, as the Fair People were credited
with bestowing gifts on mortals.

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