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The Ak Uk O Jeesh Or The Groundhog Family

Source: The Myth Of Hiawatha


A female akukojeesh, or groundhog, with a numerous family of young
ones, was burrowing in her wauzh, or hole in the ground, one long
winter, in the north, when the young ones became impatient for spring.
Every day the mother would go out and get roots and other things, which
she brought in to them to eat; and she always told them to lie close
and keep warm, and never to venture towards the mouth of the wauzh. But
they became very impatient at last to see the light and the green
woods. "Mother," said they, "is it not almost spring?" "No! no!" said
she, in a cross humor, "keep still and wait patiently; it hails, it
snows, it is cold--it is windy. Why should you wish to go out?" This
she told them so often, and said it in such a bad temper, that they at
last suspected some deception. One day she came in, after having been a
long while absent, and fell asleep, with her mouth open. The little
ones peeped in slily, and saw on her teeth the remains of the nice
white bulbous roots of the mo-na-wing, or adder's tongue violet. They
at once knew it was spring, and without disturbing the old one, who
only wanted to keep them in till they were full grown, away they
scampered, out of the hole, and dispersed themselves about the forest,
and so the family were all scattered.

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