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The Candle And Pin Divination


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

The process is as follows:--A couple of young women meet, and stick pins
in a candle, and if the divination acts properly the last pin drops out
of the candle at 12 o'clock at night, and then the future husband of the
girl to whom that pin belongs appears.

I must not name the lady whom I am indebted to for the following
information, but she told me that when she was a young woman, she, and
her friend, took part in this prying into the future, and exactly at 12
o'clock her companion's pin fell out of the candle, and at that very
instant there was a knocking at the door, and in great fright both ran
upstairs, but the knocking continued, and her friend put her head out of
the window to enquire who was there, and my informant told me that the
man at the door became her friend's husband, though at the time they were
consulting the future she was desperately in love with another man.

There were other ways in which people could Rhamant. Enough has been
said on this subject, but there are other practices resorted to, having
much the same object in view, which I will now relate.

To ascertain the condition of the Person whom you are to Marry.

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