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The Corwrion Version


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

One of the Fairies came to a midwife who lived at Corwrion and asked her
to come with him and attend on his wife. Off she went with him, and she
was astonished to be taken into a splendid palace. There she continued
to go night and morning to dress the baby for some time, until one day
the husband asked her to rub her eyes with a certain ointment he offered
her. She did so and found herself sitting on a tuft of rushes, and not
in a palace. There was no baby, and all had disappeared. Some time
afterwards she happened to go to the town, and whom should she see busily
buying various wares but the Fairy on whose wife she had been attending.
She addressed him with the question, How are you, to-day? Instead of
answering her he asked, How do you see me? With my eyes, was the
prompt reply. Which eye? he asked. This one, said she, pointing to
it; and instantly he disappeared, never more to be seen by her.

There is yet one other variant of this story which I will give, and for
the sake of reference I will call it the Nanhwynan version. It appears
in the Brython, vol. ix., p. 251, and Professor Rhys has rendered it
into English in Y Cymmrodor, vol. ix., p. 70. I will give the tale as
related by the Professor.

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