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The Creation Of Man-kind And The Flood

Source: Myths And Legends Of California And The Old Southwest

Pima (Arizona)

After the world was ready, Earth Doctor made all kinds of animals and
creeping things. Then he made images of clay, and told them to be
people. After a while there were so many people that there was not food
and water enough for all. They were never sick and none died. At last
there grew to be so many they were obliged to eat each other. Then Earth
Doctor, because he could not give them food and water enough, killed
them all. He caught the hook of his staff into the sky and pulled it
down so that it crushed all the people and all the animals, until there
was nothing living on the earth. Earth Doctor made a hole through the
earth with his stick, and through that he went, coming out safe, but
alone, on the other side.

He called upon the sun and moon to come out of the wreck of the world
and sky, and they did so. But there was no sky for them to travel
through, no stars, and no Milky Way. So Earth Doctor made these all over
again. Then he created another race of men and animals.

Then Coyote was born. Moon was his mother. When Coyote was large and
strong he came to the land where the Pima Indians lived.

Then Elder Brother was born. Earth was his mother, and Sky his father.
He was so powerful that he spoke roughly to Earth Doctor, who trembled
before him. The people began to increase in numbers, just as they had
done before, but Elder Brother shortened their lives, so the earth did
not become so crowded. But Elder Brother did not like the people created
by Earth Doctor, so he planned to destroy them again. So Elder Brother
planned to create a magic baby. . . .

The screams of the baby shook the earth. They could be heard for a great
distance. Then Earth Doctor called all the people together, and told
them there would be a great flood. He sang a magic song and then bored a
hole through the flat earth-plain through to the other side. Some of the
people went into the hole to escape the flood that was coming, but not
very many got through. Some of the people asked Elder Brother to help
them, but he did not answer. Only Coyote he answered. He told Coyote to
find a big log and sit on it, so that he would float on the surface of
the water with the driftwood. Elder Brother got into a big olla which he
had made, and closed it tight. So he rolled along on the ground under
the olla. He sang a magic song as he climbed into his olla.

A young man went to the place where the baby was screaming. Its tears
were a great torrent which cut gorges in the earth before it. The water
was rising all over the earth. He bent over the child to pick it up, and
immediately both became birds and flew above the flood. Only five birds
were saved from the flood. One was a flicker and one a vulture. They
clung by their beaks to the sky to keep themselves above the waters, but
the tail of the flicker was washed by the waves and that is why it is
stiff to this day. At last a god took pity on them and gave them power
to make "nests of down" from their own breasts on which they floated on
the water. One of these birds was the vipisimal, and if any one injures
it to this day, the flood may come again.

Now South Doctor called his people to him and told them that a flood was
coming. He sang a magic song and he bored a hole in the ground with a
cane so that people might go through to the other side. Others he sent
to Earth Doctor, but Earth Doctor told them they were too late. So they
sent the people to the top of a high mountain called Crooked Mountain.
South Doctor sang a magic song and traced his cane around the mountain,
but that held back the waters only for a short time. Four times he sang
and traced a line around the mountain, yet the flood rose again each
time. There was only one thing more to do.

He held his magic crystals in his left hand and sang a song. Then he
struck it with his cane. A thunder peal rang through the mountains. He
threw his staff into the water and it cracked with a loud noise.
Turning, he saw a dog near him. He said, "How high is the tide?" The dog
said, "It is very near the top." He looked at the people as he said it.
When they heard his voice they all turned to stone. They stood just as
they were, and they are there to this day in groups: some of the men
talking, some of the women cooking, and some crying.

But Earth Doctor escaped by enclosing himself in his reed staff, which
floated upon the water. Elder Brother rolled along in his olla until he
came near the mouth of the Colorado River. The olla is now called Black
Mountain. After the flood he came out and visited all parts of the land.

When he met Coyote and Earth Doctor, each claimed to have been the first
to appear after the flood, but at last they admitted Elder Brother was
the first, so he became ruler of the world.

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