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The Evil Spirit Appearing To A Man Who Frequented Alehouses On Sunday


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

Jones writes as follows:--W. J. was once a Sabbath-breaker at Risca
village, where he frequently used to play and visit the alehouses on the
Sabbath day, and there stay till late at night. On returning homeward he
heard something walking behind him, and turning to see what it was he
could see the likeness of a man walking by his side; he could not see his
face, and was afraid to look much at it, fearing it was an evil spirit,
as it really was, therefore he did not wish it good night. This dreadful
dangerous apparition generally walked by the left side of him. It
afterwards appeared like a great mastiff dog, which terrified him so much
that he knew not where he was. After it had gone about half a mile, it
transformed itself into a great fire, as large as a small field, and
resembled the noise which a fire makes in burning gorse.

This vision seems to have had the desired effect on W. J. for we are told
that he was once a Sabbath breaker, the inference being, that he was
not one when the Rev. Edmund Jones wrote the above narrative.

Tales of this kind could be multiplied to almost any extent, but more
need not be given. The one idea that runs through them all is that Satan
has appeared, and may appear again, to Sabbath breakers, and therefore
those who wish to avoid coming in contact with him should keep the
Sabbath day holy.

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