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The Fairies Threw Dust Into A Man's Eyes Who Saw Them Dance


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

This tale is taken from Cymru Fu, p. 176, and is from the pen of
Glasynys. I give it in English.

William Ellis, of Cilwern, was once fishing in Llyn Cwm Silin on a dark
cloudy day, when he observed close by, in the rushes, a great number of
men, or beings in the form of men, about a foot high, jumping and

He watched them for hours, and he never heard in all his life such
singing. But William went too near them, and they threw some kind of
dust into his eyes, and whilst he was rubbing his eyes, the little family
disappeared and fled somewhere out of sight and never afterwards was
Ellis able to get a sight of them.

The next tale Glasynys shall relate in his own words. It appears in
Cymru Fu immediately after the one just related.

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