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The Justice Of In Ta Pome

Category: Wonders of Wisdom

Source: Laos Folk-lore Of Farther India

Men of three countries wanted a chemical to change stones and metals
into gold, and they all came together to worship In Ta Pome, one of the
gods. One man was from China, one from India, and one from Siam. They
all worshipped at the feet of In Ta Pome, saying, "We beg thee, O In Ta
Pome, give unto us the chemical which will change all stones and metals
into gold."

In Ta Pome replied, "Each of you kill one of your children, cut him into
pieces and put him into a jar. Cover this with a new, clean cloth, and
bring it unto me."

The Chinaman feared to kill his child, so killed a pig, cut it up and
placed it in a jar, over which he tied a close cover.

The Siamese did the same with a dog, but the Indiaman believed in In Ta
Pome, and killed his only son, put him into a jar, and covered it.

All returned to the god with their several jars.

In Ta Pome sprinkled the jar of the Chinaman first, saying, "Whatsoever
is silver, let it be silver; whatsoever is gold, let it be gold," but
the pig grunted, as pigs do, and In Ta Pome said, "From this time forth,
you shall take care of pigs and kill them to gain gold." Sprinkling the
jar of the Siamese, the god again said, "Whatsoever is silver, let it be
silver; whatsoever is gold, let it be gold," but the dog barked, as dogs
do, and In Ta Pome said, "You must plow the earth, and only by the sweat
of your brow shall you have enough to keep you in food."

Taking the jar of the Indiaman, and having sprinkled it, In Ta Pome
cried, "Whatsoever is silver, let it be silver, and whatsoever is gold,
let it be gold," and lo, the child came to life! And to the Indiaman did
In Ta Pome give the chemical that changes all stones and metals into
gold, because he had believed, and had not tried to mock and deceive the

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