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The Origin Of Death

Source: South-african Folk-tales

The Moon, it is said, sent once an Insect to Men, saying, "Go thou to
Men, and tell them, 'As I die, and dying live, so ye shall also die, and
dying live.'" The Insect started with the message, but whilst on his way
was overtaken by the Hare, who asked: "On what errand art thou bound?"
The Insect answered: "I am sent by the Moon to Men, to tell them that as
she dies, and dying lives, they also shall die, and dying live." The
Hare said, "As thou art an awkward runner, let me go" (to take the
message). With these words he ran off, and when he reached Men, he said,
"I am sent by the Moon to tell you, 'As I die, and dying perish, in the
same manner ye shall also die and come wholly to an end.'" Then the Hare
returned to the Moon, and told her what he had said to Men. The Moon
reproached him angrily, saying, "Darest thou tell the people a thing
which I have not said?" With these words she took up a piece of wood,
and struck him on the nose. Since that day the Hare's nose is slit.

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