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The Reason For There Being No Fixed Time For Human Beings To Copulate


Source: Aino Folktales

Anciently the Creator summoned all the birds and beasts, the gods and
devils together, in order to instruct them on the subject of copulation.
So the birds and all the others of every sort assembled, and learnt from
the Creator when to copulate, and when to give birth to their young.

Then the Creator said to the horse: "Oh! thou divine ancestor of horses!
It will be well for thee to copulate one spring, and to give birth to
thy young in the spring of the following year; and thou mayest eat any
of the grass that may grow in any land." At these words, the horse was
delighted, and forthwith trotted out. But, as he rose, he kicked God in
the forehead. So God was very angry, and pressed his hand to his head,
so much did it hurt him.

Meanwhile, the ancestor of men came in, and asked saying: "How about me?
When shall I copulate?" To which God, being still angry, replied:
"Whenever you like!" For this reason, that race of creatures which is
called man copulate at all times.--(Translated literally. Told by
Ishanashte, 12th July, 1886).

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