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The Zebra Stallion

Source: South-african Folk-tales

The Baboons, it is said, used to disturb the Zebra Mares in drinking.
But one of the Mares became the mother of a foal. The others then helped
her to suckle (the young stallion), that he might soon grow up.

When he was grown up and they were in want of water, he brought them to
the water. The Baboons, seeing this, came, as they formerly were used to
do, into their way, and kept them from the water.

While the Mares stood thus, the Stallion stepped forward, and spoke to
one of the Baboons, "Thou gum-eater's child!"

The Baboon said to the Stallion, "Please open thy mouth, that I may see
what thou livest on." The Stallion opened his mouth, and it was milky.

Then the Stallion said to the Baboon, "Please open thy mouth also, that
I may see." The Baboon did so, and there was some gum in it. But the
Baboon quickly licked some milk off the Stallion's tongue. The Stallion
on this became angry, took the Baboon by his shoulders, and pressed him
upon a hot, flat rock. Since that day the Baboon has a bald place on his

The Baboon said, lamenting, "I, my mother's child, I, the gum-eater, am
outdone by this milk-eater!"

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