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Tolaethdeath Rapping Or Knocking


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

The death rappings are said to be heard in carpenters' workshops, and
that they resembled the noise made by a carpenter when engaged in
coffin-making. A respectable miner's wife told me that a female friend
told her, she had often heard this noise in a carpenter's shop close by
her abode, and that one Sunday evening this friend came and told her that
the Tolaeth was at work then, and if she would come with her she should
hear it. She complied, and there she heard this peculiar sound, and was
thoroughly frightened. There was no one in the shop at the time, the
carpenter and his wife being in chapel. Sometimes this noise was heard
by the person who was to die, but generally by his neighbours. The
sounds were heard in houses even, and when this was the case the noise
resembled the noise made as the shroud is being nailed to the coffin.

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