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Tortoises Hunting Ostriches

Source: South-african Folk-tales

One day, it is said, the Tortoises held a council how they might hunt
Ostriches, and they said, "Let us, on both sides, stand in rows near
each other, and let one go to hunt the Ostriches, so that they must flee
along through the midst of us." They did so, and as they were many, the
Ostriches were obliged to run along through the midst of them. During
this they did not move, but, remaining always in the same places, called
each to the other, "Are you there?" and each one answered, "I am here."
The Ostriches hearing this, ran so tremendously that they quite
exhausted their strength, and fell down. Then the Tortoises assembled
by-and-by at the place where the Ostriches had fallen, and devoured

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