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Ty Felin Ghost Llanynys


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

An exciseman, overtaken by night, went to a house called Ty Felin, in the
parish of Llanynys, and asked for lodgings. Unfortunately the house was
a very small one, containing only two bedrooms, and one of these was
haunted, consequently no one dared sleep in it. After awhile, however,
the stranger induced the master to allow him to sleep in this haunted
room; he had not been there long before a Ghost entered the room in the
shape of a travelling Jew, and the Spirit walked around the room. The
exciseman tried to catch him, and gave chase, but he lost sight of the
Jew in the yard. He had scarcely entered the room, a second time, when
he again saw the Ghost. He again chased him, and lost sight of him in
the same place. The third time he followed the Ghost, he made a mark on
the yard, where the Ghost vanished and went to rest, and was not again
troubled. He got up early and went his way, but, before long, he
returned to Ty Felin accompanied by a policeman, whom he requested to dig
in the place where his mark was. This was done, and, underneath a
superficial covering, a deep well was discovered, and in it a corpse. On
examining the tenant of the house, he confessed that a travelling Jew,
selling jewelry, etc., once lodged with him, and that he had murdered
him, and cast his body in the well.

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