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Water In Basin Divination


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

Should young persons wish to know whether their husbands were to be
bachelors, or their wives spinsters, the following test was to be
resorted to:--

Three persons were necessary to carry out the test. These three young
ladies were to join in the undertaking and they were to proceed as
follows:--On Nos Calan Gauaf, All Hallow Eve, at night, three basins
were to be placed on a table, one filled with clear spring water, one
with muddy water, and the other empty. The young ladies in turn were
led blindfolded into the room, and to the table, and they were told to
place their hands on the basins. She who placed her hand on the clear
spring water was to marry a bachelor, whilst the one who touched the
basin with muddy water was to wed a widower, and should the empty basin
be touched it foretold that for that person a life of single blessedness
was in store.

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