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When Lion Could Fly

Source: South-african Folk-tales

Lion, it is said, used once to fly, and at that time nothing could live
before him. As he was unwilling that the bones of what he caught should
be broken into pieces, he made a pair of White Crows watch the bones,
leaving them behind at the kraal whilst he went a-hunting. But one day
Great Frog came there, broke the bones in pieces, and said, "Why can men
and animals live no longer?" And he added these words, "When he comes,
tell him that I live at yonder pool; if he wishes to see me, he must
come there."

Lion, lying in wait (for game), wanted to fly up, but found he could not
fly. Then he got angry, thinking that at the kraal something was wrong,
and returned home. When he arrived he asked, "What have you done that I
cannot fly?" Then they answered and said, "Some one came here, broke the
bones into pieces, and said, 'If he want me, he may look for me at
yonder pool!'" Lion went, and arrived while Frog was sitting at the
water's edge, and he tried to creep stealthily upon him. When he was
about to get hold of him, Frog said, "Ho!" and, diving, went to the
other side of the pool, and sat there. Lion pursued him; but as he could
not catch him he returned home.

From that day, it is said, Lion walked on his feet, and also began to
creep upon (his game); and the White Crows became entirely dumb since
the day that they said, "Nothing can be said of that matter."

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