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Source: Aino Folktales

An Inquisitive Man's Experience Of Hades

Buying A Dream


Don't Throw Useful Things Away


Drinking The Sea Dry

How A Man Got The Better Of Two Foxes

How It Was Settled Who Should Rule The World

Okikurumi Samayunguru And The Shark

Panaumbe Penaumbe And The Lord Of Matomai[e]

Panaumbe Penaumbe And The Sea-lion

Panaumbe Penaumbe And The Weeping Foxes

Panaumbe Penaumbe The Fishes And The Insects


The Angry Crow

The Baby In The Box

The Bride Bewitched

The Child Of A God

The Clever Deceiver

The Cuckoo

The Deer With The Golden Horn A Specimen Of Aino History

The First Appearance Of The Horse In Aino-land

The Fox And The Tiger No I

The Fox The Otter And The Monkey

The Good Old Times

The Hunter In Hades

The Island Of Women

The Kind Giver And The Grudging Giver

The Loves Of The Thunder-gods

The Man Who Lost His Wife

The Man Who Married The Bear-goddess

The Man Who Was Changed Into A Fox

The Old Man Of The Sea

The Origin Of The Hare

The Owl And The Tortoise

The Peacock In The Sky

The Position Of The Private Parts

The Pre-eminence Of The Oak Pine-tree And Mugwort

The Rat And The Owl

The Rat Boy

The Reason For There Being No Fixed Time For Human Beings To Copulate

The Sex Of The Two Luminaries

The Stolen Charm

The Two Foxes The Mole And The Crows

The Wicked Stepmother

The Wicked Wizard Punished

The Worship Of The Salmon The Divine Fish

The [horned] Owl

Why Dogs Cannot Speak

Why The Cock Cannot Fly