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Source: Eskimo Folktales



Artuk Who Did All Forbidden Things



Atdlarneq The Great Glutton

Atungait Who Went A-wandering

How The Fog Came


Imarasugssuaq Who Ate His Wives


Kagssagssuk The Homeless Boy Who Became A Strong Man


Kumagdlak And The Living Arrows




Nukunguasik Who Escaped From The Tupilak

Papik Who Killed His Wife's Brother

Patussorssuaq Who Killed His Uncle


Qalaganguase Who Passed To The Land Of Ghosts

Qasiagssaq The Great Liar


The Boy From The Bottom Of The Sea Who Frightened The People Of The House To Death

The Coming Of Men A Long Long While Ago

The Dwarfs

The Eagle And The Whale

The Giant Dog

The Great Bear

The Guillemot That Could Talk

The Inland-dwellers Of Etah

The Insects That Wooed A Wifeless Man

The Man Who Avenged The Widows

The Man Who Became A Star

The Man Who Stabbed His Wife In The Leg

The Man Who Took A Vixen To Wife

The Man Who Went Out To Search For His Son

The Men Who Changed Wives

The Raven And The Goose

The Raven Who Wanted A Wife

The Soul That Lived In The Bodies Of All Beasts

The Thunder Spirits

The Two Friends Who Set Off To Travel Round The World

The Two Little Outcasts

The Very Obstinate Man

The Wife Who Lied

The Woman Who Had A Bear As A Foster-son

The Woman With The Iron Tail

Tungujuluk And Saunikoq


When The Ravens Could Speak