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Source: Indian Legends Retold

Beaver And Porcupine

Bluebird And Coyote

Children Of The Cloud

Followers Of The Sun

Great Head

Grizzly Bear And The Four Chiefs

How The Daylight Came

How The Deer Got His Horns

How The Fire Was Brought

How The Terrapin Beat The Rabbit

How The Turkey Got His Beard

Ice Man Puts Out The Fire


Mountain Dweller

Pretty Woman

Raven And His Mother-in-law

Raven And The Children

Raven And The Crab

Raven And The Hunters

Raven And The Salmon Woman

The Animals In Council

The Bear Man

The Beautiful Blanket

The Captive

The Crane And The Hummingbird

The Eagle Crest

The Enchanted Lake

The Feast Of The Mountain Goats

The First Fire

The First Strawberry

The Four Winds

The Girl Who Married The Fire Spirit

The Girl Who Rejected Her Cousin

The Good Little Spirit

The Hunter Who Became A Deer

The Long Winter

The Man Who Entertained Bears

The Man Who Married The Thunder's Sister

The Naughty Grandchildren

The Old Woman And The Tides

The Origin Of Sickness And Medicine

The Owl Gets Married

The Self-burning Fire

The Shadow Wife

The Stars And The Pine

The Ten Princes

The Thunderers

The Winged Hunter

The Woman Who Became A Beaver

The Wooden Wife

Why Possum Has A Large Mouth

Why The Deer's Teeth Are Blunt

Why The Possum's Tail Is Bare