Upon her trial, as it is repeated by Chartier, she spoke with the utmost simplicity and firmness of her visions: "Que souvent alloit a une belle fontaine au pays de Lorraine, laquelle elle nommoit bonne fontaine aux Fees Nostre Seigneur, a... Read more of Jeanne D'arc at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational

Source: Old Indian Legends

Dance In A Buffalo Skull

Iktomi And The Coyote

Iktomi And The Ducks

Iktomi And The Fawn

Iktomi And The Muskrat

Iktomi And The Turtle

Iktomi's Blanket

Iya The Camp-eater

Manstin The Rabbit

Shooting Of The Red Eagle

The Badger And The Bear

The Toad And The Boy

The Tree-bound

The Warlike Seven