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Source: Teutonic Mythology

A Frisian Saga In Adam Of Bremen

Analysis Of The Sagas Mentioned In Nos 44-48

Analysis Of The Sagas Mentioned In Nos 44-48 The Question In Regard To The Identification Of Odainsaker

Borgar-skjold's Son Halfdan The Third Patriarch

Evidence That Dieterich Of Bern Is Hadding

Evidence That Halfdan Is Identical With Helge Hundingsbane

Fjallerus And Hadingushadding In The Lower World

Gudmund's Identity With Mimer

Gulveig-heidr Her Identity With Aurboda Angrboda Hyrrokin The Myth Concerning The Sword Guardian And Fjalar

Hadding's Defeat Loke In The Council And On The Battle-field

Hadding's Journey To The East Reconciliation Between The Asas And Vans

Halfdan And Hamal Foster-brothers The Amalians Fight In Behalf Of Halfdan's Son Hadding

Halfdan's Birth And The End Of The Age Of Peace The Family Names Ylfing Hilding Budlung

Halfdan's Character The Weapon-myth

Halfdan's Conflicts Interpreted As Myths Of Nature

Halfdan's Enmity With Orvandel And Svipdag

Halfdan's Identity With Mannus In Germania

Heimdal And The Sun-dis Dis-goddess

Icelandic Sources In Regard To Gudmund King On The Glittering Plains

Jordanes On The Emigration Of The Goths Gepidae And Herulians The Migration Saga Of The Burgundians Traces Of An Alamannic Migration Saga

Loke Causes Enmity Between The Gods And The Original Artists

Middle Age Sagas With Roots In The Myth Concerning The Lower World Erik Vidforle's Saga

Mimer's Grove Lif And Leifthraser

Review Of The Svipdag Myth And Its Points Of Connection With The Myth About Halfdan

Saxo Concerning This Same Gudmund Ruler Of The Lower World

Saxo's Relation Of The Story Of Troy

Scef The Author Of Culture Identical With Heimdal-rig The Original Patriarch

Sorcery The Reverse Of The Sacred Runes Gullveig-heidr The Source Of Sorcery The Moral Deterioration Of The Original Man

The Aryan Family Of Languages

The Aryan Land Of Europe

The Breach Of Peace Between Asas And Vans Frigg Skade And Ull In The Conflict

The Creation Of Man The Primeval Country Scef The Bringer Of Culture

The Frankish Migration Saga

The Geographical Position Of Ancient Teutondom The Stone Age Of Prehistoric Teutondom

The Hypothesis Concerning The Asiatic Origin Of The Aryans

The Hypothesis Concerning The European Origin Of The Aryans

The Longobardian Migration Saga

The Materials Of The Icelandic Troy Saga

The Older Periods Of The Troy Saga

The Origin Of The Story In Regard To The Trojan Descent Of The Franks

The Position Of The Divine Clans To The Warriors

The Result Of The Foregoing Investigations

The Sacred Runes Learned From Heimdal

The Saga In Heimskringla And The Prose Edda

The Saxon And Swabian Migration Saga

The Significance Of The Conflict From A Religious-ritual Standpoint

The Teutonic Emigration Saga Found In Tacitus

The Troy Saga In Heimskringla And The Prose Edda

The War In Midgard Between Halfdan's Sons

The Words German And Germanic

The World War Its Cause The Murder Of Gullveig-heidr

Why Odin Was Given Antenor's Place As Leader Of The Trojan Emigration