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Source: The Folk-tales Of The Magyars

Cinder Jack

Csabor Ur

Fairy Elizabeth

Fisher Joe

Handsome Paul

Jack Dreadnought

Knight Rose

Luck And Bliss

My Father's Wedding

Prince Csihan Nettles

Prince Mirko

Shepherd Paul

Snake Skin

Stephen The Murderer

The Baa-lambs

The Beggar's Presents

The Children Of Two Rich Men

The Count's Daughter

The Crow's Nest

The Devil And The Red Cap

The Devil And The Three Slovak Lads

The Envious Sisters

The Fairies' Well

The Girl With The Golden Hair

The Girl Without Hands

The Hunting Princes

The Hussar And The Servant Girl

The Invisible Shepherd Lad

The King And The Devil

The Lamb With The Golden Fleece

The Lazy Cat

The Lazy Spinning-girl Who Became A Queen

The Little Magic Pony

The Lover's Ghost

The Pelican

The Secret-keeping Little Boy And His Little Sword

The Speaking Grapes The Smiling Apple And The Tinkling Apricot

The Student Who Was Forcibly Made King

The Three Brothers

The Three Dreams

The Three Oranges

The Three Princes

The Three Princes The Three Dragons And The Old Woman With The Iron Nose

The Three Princesses

The Three Valuable Things

The Travels Of Truth And Falsehood

The Two Orphans

The Widower And His Daughter

The Wishes

The Wonderful Frog

The World's Beautiful Woman

The Youngest Prince And The Youngest Princess

Woman's Curiosity