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Source: The Myth Of Hiawatha

Addik Kum Maig Or The Origin Of The White Fish

Aggodagauda And His Daughter Or The Man With His Leg Tied Up

Bokwewa Or The Humpback Magician

Bosh-kwa-dosh Or The Mastodon

Chileeli Or The Red Lover

Eroneniera Or An Indian Visit To The Great Spirit

Hiawatha Or Manabozho

Iagoo Chippewa

Iena The Wanderer Or Magic Bundle

Iosco Or The Prairie Boys' Visit To The Sun And Moon

Kwasind Or The Fearfully Strong Man


Mishemokwa The Origin Of The Small Black Bear

Mishosha Or The Magician Of Lake Superior

Mon-daw-min Or The Origin Of Indian Corn

Mukakee Mindemoea Or The Toad-woman

Nezhik-e-wa-wa-sun Or The Lone Lightning

Ojeeg Annung Or The Summer-maker

Onaiazo The Sky-walker A Legend Of A Visit To The Sun

Opeechee Or The Origin Of The Robin

Osseo Or The Son Of The Evening Star

Pah-hah-undootah The Red Head



Peboan And Seegwun An Allegory Of Winter And Spring

Peeta Kway The Foam-woman

Pezhiu And Wabose Or The Lynx And Hare

Puck Wudj Ininees Or The Vanishing Little Men

Shawondasee From

Sheem The Forsaken Boy Or Wolf Brother

Shingebiss An Allegory Of Self-reliance

Tau-wau-chee-hezkaw Or The White Feather

The Ak Uk O Jeesh Or The Groundhog Family

The Enchanted Moccasins

The Jeebi Or Two Ghosts From The Odjibwa

The Red Swan

The Six Hawks Or Broken Wing

The Star Family Or Celestial Sisters

The Sun-catcher Or Boy Who Set A Snare For The Sun

The White Stone Canoe

Wa-wa-be-zo-win Or The Swing On The Pictured Rocks Of Lake Superior

Weeng The Spirit Of Sleep