For a young woman to dream of bathing in a basin, foretells her womanlygraces will win her real friendships and elevations.... Read more of Basin at My Dreams.caInformational Site Network Informational

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- A Book Of Myths

- A Hundred Fables Of La Fontaine

- Aino Folktales

- Ancient Ballads And Legends Of Hindustan

- Anting Anting Stories

- Asgard Stories Tales From Norse Mythology

- Australian Legendary Tales

- Aw-aw-tam Indian Nights

- Breton Legends

- Cossack Fairy Tales

- Creation Myths Of Primitive America

- Curious Myths Of The Middle Ages

- Eskimo Folktales

- Fairy Tales From All Nations

- Flower Fables

- Folk-lore And Legends North American Indian

- Folk-lore And Legends Scandinavian

- Folk-lore And Legends Scotland

- Folk-tales Of The Khasis

- Folklore And Legends Of German

- Folklore Of The Santal Parganas

- Han Folk Lore Stories

- Hebrew Heroes

- Hero Tales And Legends Of The Serbians

- Indian Legends Retold

- Irish Fairy Tales

- Japanese Fairy World

- Laos Folk-lore Of Farther India

- Legends Of The Kaw

- Myths & Legends Of Our New Possessions & Protectorate

- Myths And Legends Of All Nations

- Myths And Legends Of California And The Old Southwest

- Myths And Legends Of Our Own Land

- Old Indian Legends

- Outa Karel's Stories

- Philippine Folklore Stories

- Santal Folk Tales

- South African Folktales

- Tales Of Folk And Fairies

- Teutonic Mythology

- The Book Of Nature Myths

- The Folk Tales Of The Magyars

- The Myth Of Hiawatha

- The Sa'-zada Tales

- Thirty Indian Legends

- Welsh Folk-lore