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Welsh Folk Lore

All Folk Lore

A Boy Taken To Fairy Land
A Bryneglwys Man Inveigled By The Fairies
A Charm For Stopping Bleeding
A Charm For The Shingles
A Cock Crowing In The Night
A Conjuror And Robbers
A Conjuror's Collusion Exposed
A Crowing Hen
A Cruel Man And A Fairy Dog
A Doctor Called From His Bed By A Voice
A Fairy Borrowing A Gridiron
A Ghost Appearing To Point Out Hidden Treasures
A Hare Crossing The Road
A Harper And The Fairies
A Horse Witched
A Man Carried Away By The Evil One
A Man Carried Through The Air By The Fairies
A Man Changed Into A Horse
A Man Dancing With The Fairies For Three Days
A Man Turned Into A Hare
A Man Who Found Himself On A Heap Of Ferns After Joining In A Fairy Dance
A Man Who Spent Twelve Months And A Day With The Fairies
A Pig Witched
A Raven's Croaking
A Solitary Crow
A Spirit In Llangerniew Church_ _denbighshire
A Spirit Leaving And Re-entering The Body
A Spiritualistic Story From Wales
A Swarm Entering A House
A Three Hours Fairy Dance Seeming As A Few Minutes
A White Cock
A Witch In The Form Of A Hare Hunted By A Black Greyhound
A Witch In The Form Of A Hare In A Churn
A Witch Shot When In The Form Of A Hare
A Witch Transformed Into A Hare Injured By One Whom She Tormented
A Witch Who Turned A Blue Dye Into A Red Dye
A Witch Who Was Refused A Goose And Her Revenge
A Young Man Marries A Fairy Lady In Fairy Land And Brings Her To Live With Him Among His Own People
An Evil Spirit In Llandysilio Church Montgomeryshire
Annwn_ Or Annwfn
Another Cattle Charm Spell
Another Tale Of A Doctor
Another Version Of The Gors Goch Legend
Apparitions Of The Devil
Bees In A Roof
Birds And Beasts
Birds Flocking In Early Autumn
Birds Singing Before February
Birds' Feathers
Buying A Hive Of Bees
Bwyd Ellyllon Or Goblins' Food
Caellwyngrydd Spirit
Cattle Charms
Ceffyl Y Dwf The Water Horse
Ceridwen And Gwion_ (_gwiawn_) _bach's Transformation
Charm Against Foot And Mouth Disease
Charm For Asthma
Charm For Clefyd Y Galon_ _or Heart Disease
Charm For Cocks About To Fight
Charm For Fits
Charm For Removing A Stye From The Eye
Charm For Removing The Ringworm
Charm For Rheumatism
Charm To Make A Servant Reliable
Charming The Wild Wart
Charms For Quinsy
Charms For Warts
Charms Performed With Snake's Skin
Clefyd Yr Ede Wlan Or Yarn Sickness
Coblynau Or Knockers
Coel Ede Wlan Or The Yarn Test
Corwrion Changeling Legend
Cows And Horses Witched
Crows' Feathers
Cwn Annwn Or Dogs Of The Abyss
Cyhyraeth Death Sound
Cynon's Ghost
David Salisbury's Ghost
Death Watch
Denbighshire Version Of A Fairy Mother And Human Midwife
Dick The Fiddler And The Fairy Crown-piece
Divination With The Twca Or Knife
Early Reference To Witches Turning Themselves Into Hares
Elidorus And The Fairies
Fairies In Markets And Fairs
Fairies Working For Men
Fairy Changelings
Fairy Dances
Fairy Hammer And Fairy Or Elf Stones
Fairy Illusions
Fairy Knockers Or Coblynau
Fairy Ladies Marrying Mortals
Fairy Men Captured
Fairy Money Turned To Dross
Fairy Mothers And Human Midwives
Fairy Or Mythic Animals
Fairy Pipes
Fairy Riches And Gifts
Fairy Treasures Seen By A Man Near Ogwen Lake
Fairy Tricks With Mortals
Fairy Visits To Human Abodes
Fairy Whetstone
Ffrith Farm Ghost
Flying Serpents
Garth Uchaf Llanuwchllyn Changeling Legend
Gay Describes The Ceremony:--
Ghost Raising
Ghosts Or Spirits
Goose Or Hen Laying A Small Egg
Gwrach Y Rhibyn Or Hag Of The Mist
Gwyddelwern Version
Hairs Of A Lover Found Under A Holly Tree
Hemp Seed Sowing
Hen Laying Two Eggs In The Same Day
Huw Llwyd And His Magical Books
Informing Bees Of A Death In A Family
It Is Considered Unlucky For Bees To Fly Away From Their Owner
Lady Jeffrey's Spirit
Llanddona Witches
Llandegla Spirit
Llanfwrog Changeling Legend
Lledrith Spectre Of A Person
Luck Comes With A Strange Swarm
Men Captured By Fairies
Menyg Y Tylwyth Teg Or Fairy Gloves
Merionethshire Version Of The Fairy Mother And Human Midwife
Mermaids And Mermen
Missing A Butt
Music And Bird Singing Heard Before Death
Mysterious Removal Of Churches
Names Given To The Fairies
Names Of Things Attributed To The Fairies
Origin Of The Fairies
Pentrevoelas Squire Griffith's Ghost
Pont-y-glyn Ghost
Pullet's Egg Divination
Putting Bees In Mourning
Putting Hens To Sit
Rhaffau'r Tylwyth Teg Or The Ropes Of The Fairies
Rhamanta Or Omen Seeking
Robin Redbreast
Rosemary Charm For Toothache
Satan And Bell Ringing
Satan And Churches
Satan Appearing As A Lovely Maiden
Satan Appearing In Many Forms To A Man Who Travelled On Sunday
Satan Appearing To A Collier
Satan Appearing To A Young Man
Satan Frightening A Man For Gathering Nuts On Sunday
Satan Outwitted
Satan Playing Cards
Satan Playing Cards At A Merry Meeting
Satan Playing Cards On Rhyd-y-cae Bridge_ _pentrevoelas
Satan Snatching A Man Up Into The Air
Satan Taking Possession Of A Man Who Fished On Sunday
Snake Rings Or Glain Nadroedd
Spectral Funerals Or Drychiolaeth
Spirit Laying
Stolen Bees
Stopping Of A Clock
Stories Of Satan Ghosts Etc
Story Of A Man Who Spent Twelve Months In Fairyland
Swyno'r 'ryri (charming The Shingles)
Tale Of A Corpse Candle
Testing A Lover's Love By Cracking Of Nuts
The Apple Pip Trial Of Lovers
The Bee
The Bible And Key Divination
The Blind Worm Or Slow Worm
The Cambro-briton Version Of The Myddvai Legend
The Candle And Pin Divination
The Charms Performed With Rosemary
The Cock
The Conjuror And The Cattle
The Conjuror's Dress
The Corpse Bird Or Deryn Corph
The Corpse Candle--canwyll Corph
The Corwrion Version
The Crow
The Cuckoo Y Gog
The Day Of Swarming
The Devil Appearing To A Dissenting Minister At Denbigh
The Devil's Tree By Eglwys Rhos
The Dog's Howl
The Egg Shell Pottage
The Ejectment Of The Evil Spirit From Llanfor Church
The Elf Dancers Of Cae Caled
The Evil Spirit Appearing To A Man Who Frequented Alehouses On Sunday
The Fairies And Their Chest Of Gold
The Fairies Giving Money To A Man For Joining Them In Their Dance
The Fairies Placing Money On The Ground For A Poor Man
The Fairies Rewarding A Woman For Taking Care Of Their Dog
The Fairies Threw Dust Into A Man's Eyes Who Saw Them Dance
The Fairy Cow
The Fairy Shilling
The Gloddaeth Ghost
The Goat Sucker
The Goose
The Gore Goch Changeling Legend
The Heron
The Hidden Golden Chair
The Jackdaw
The Legend Of Llyn Y Ddau Ychain
The Llandrillo Version
The Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Version
The Llanfrothen Legend
The Magician's Glass
The Magpie
The Magpie Teaching A Wood Pigeon How To Make A Nest
The Myddvai Legend
The Nanhwynan Version
The Owl
The Owl
The Pentrevoelas Legend
The Powis Castle Ghost Revealing A Hidden Box To A Woman
The Pwka Or Pwca
The Raven
The Sea Gull
The Snake Serpent
The Snowdon Version
The Son Of Llech Y Derwydd And The Fairies
The Spirit Of Llyn-nad-y-forwyn
The Squirrel
The Swallow
The Swan
The Swift
The Torrent Spectre
The Washing Test
The Witches' Revenge On Huw Llwyd
The Wood Pigeon
The Wren
The Ystrad Legend
Thirteen At A Table
Time Of Bee Swarming
Tit Major Or Sawyer
Tolaethdeath Rapping Or Knocking
Toothache Charms
Troi Crysau Or Clothes Drying Test
Ty Felin Ghost Llanynys
Tymawr Ghost Bryneglwys
Water In Basin Divination
Whooping Cough Charm
Witches And Conjurors
Witches Punished
Witches Transforming Themselves Into Cats
Y Fuwch Frech The Freckled Cow
Y Fuwch Gyfeiliorn The Stray Cow
Ymenyn Y Tylwyth Teg Or Fairy Butter
Yr Ellyll Dan Or Goblin Fire
Ysbryd Ystrad Fawr
_ Goose Flying Over A House