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Welsh Folk Lore - Names Given To The Fairies.

Origin Of The Fairies
The Fairy tales that abound in the Principality have much in ...

Names Given To The Fairies
The Fairies have, in Wales, at least three common and distinc...

Annwn_ Or Annwfn
is defined in Canon Silvan Evans's Dictionary as an abyss, ...

According to Richards, and Dr. Owen Pughe, is a Fairy, a gobl...

Coblynau Or Knockers
have been described as a species of Fairies, whose abode was...

Annwn_ Or Annwfn


is defined in Canon Silvan Evans's Dictionary as an
abyss, Hades, etc. Plant Annwn, therefore, means children of the lower
regions. It is a name derived from the supposed place of abode--the
bowels of the earth--of the Fairies. Gwragedd Annwn, dames of Elfin
land, is a term applied to Fairy ladies.

Ellis Wynne, the author of Bardd Cwsg, was born in 1671, and the
probability is that the words Plant Annwfn formed in his days part of
the vocabulary of the people. He was born in Merionethshire.

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