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Welsh Folk Lore - Fairy Men Captured.

Fairy Illusions
Ryw dro yr oedd brodor o Nefyn yn dyfod adref o ffair Pwllh...

Fairy Men Captured
There are many tales current of wee Fairy men having been c...

Gwyddelwern Version
The following tale was told by Mr. Evan Roberts, Ffridd Ago...

The Llandrillo Version
I am indebted for the following tale to Mr. E. S. Roberts, ...

The Snowdon Version
The following tale is taken from Y Gordofigion, p. 98:-- ...

The Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Version
Mr. Evan Davies, carpenter, Bryn Llan, Efenechtyd, told the...

Fairies In Markets And Fairs
It was once firmly believed by the Welsh that the Fairy Tri...

Names Of Things Attributed To The Fairies
Many small stone utensils found in the ground, the use, or ...

Fairy Pipes
Cetyn y Tylwyth Teg, or Fairy Pipes, are small clay pipes, ...

Fairy Whetstone
The small spindle whorls which belong to the stone age, and...

Fairy Hammer And Fairy Or Elf Stones
Stone hammers of small size have been ascribed to the Fairi...

Ymenyn Y Tylwyth Teg Or Fairy Butter
I cannot do better than quote Pennant on this matter. His ...

Bwyd Ellyllon Or Goblins' Food
This was a kind of fungus or mushroom. The word is given i...

Menyg Y Tylwyth Teg Or Fairy Gloves
The Fox Glove is so called, but in Dr. Owen Pughe's diction...

Yr Ellyll Dan Or Goblin Fire
The Rev. T. H. Evans, in his History of the Parish of Llanw...

Rhaffau'r Tylwyth Teg Or The Ropes Of The Fairies
Professor Rhys, in his Welsh Fairy Tales--Y Cymmrodor vol. ...

Fairy Knockers Or Coblynau
The Coblynau or Knockers were supposed to be a species of F...

Fairy Hammer And Fairy Or Elf Stones


Stone hammers of small size have been ascribed to the Fairies, and an
intelligent Welsh miner once told the writer that he had himself seen, in
a very ancient diminutive mine level, stone hammers which, he said, had
once belonged to the Fairies.

Other pre-historic implements, as celts, have been denominated Fairy
remains. Under this head will come flint, or stone arrow-heads. These
in Scotland are known by the name Elf Shots or Fairy Stones.

Pennant's Tour in Scotland, 1769, p. 115, has the following reference
to these arrow-heads:--

Elf Shots, i.e., the stone arrow-heads of the old inhabitants of this
island, are supposed to be weapons shot by Fairies at cattle, to which
are attributed any disorders they have.

Jamieson states in his Dictionary, under the heading Elf Shot:--The Elf
Shot or Elfin Arrow is still used in the Highlands as an amulet.

Tradition, in thus connecting stone implements with the Fairies, throws a
dim light on the elfin community. But evidence is not wanting that the
Celts themselves used stone utensils.

The things which shall now be mentioned, as being connected with the
Fairies, owe their names to no foundation in fact, but are the offspring
of a fanciful imagination, and are attributed to the Fairies in agreement
with the more modern and grotesque notions concerning those beings and
their doings. This will be seen when it is stated that the Fox Glove
becomes a Fairy Glove, and the Mushroom, Fairy Food.

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