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Welsh Folk Lore - Rhamanta, Or Omen Seeking.

Clefyd Yr Ede Wlan Or Yarn Sickness
About twenty years ago, when the writer was curate of Llanw...

Rhamanta Or Omen Seeking
Rhamanta was a kind of divination that could be resorted to w...

Coel Ede Wlan Or The Yarn Test
Two young women took a ball of yarn and doubled the threads...

Divination With The Twca Or Knife
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The Washing Test
Another well-known and often practised form of divination w...

Troi Crysau Or Clothes Drying Test
Young maidens washed linen after the household had retired,...

Hemp Seed Sowing
A young married woman, a native of Denbighshire, told me th...

Pullet's Egg Divination
Mr. J. Roberts, Plas Einion, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, told m...

The Candle And Pin Divination
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Water In Basin Divination
Should young persons wish to know whether their husbands we...

Hairs Of A Lover Found Under A Holly Tree
This test is to be carried out on All Hallow Eve. The youn...

The Bible And Key Divination
A key is taken, and placed on the 16th verse of the 1st cha...

Testing A Lover's Love By Cracking Of Nuts
This divination is common to many countries, but the writer...

Gay Describes The Ceremony:--
Two hazel nuts I throw into the flame And to each nu...

Pullet's Egg Divination


Mr. J. Roberts, Plas Einion, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, told me the
following:--When he was a young man, he, his sister, and the servant man,
formed a company to find out by divination their future life partners.
They procured a pullet's egg, it was emptied into a cup, to this was
added flour and salt, in equal proportions, these ingredients were mixed
together, made into three small cakes, and baked. They all ate one half
of their cake, and the other half was placed in their respective
stockings, to be placed under their bolsters. They went upstairs
backward, and thus to bed, preserving the while, absolute silence. It
was believed, he said, that they should that night, in their dreams, if
everything were carried out properly, see their partners, who would come
to their bedsides to offer them a drink of water.

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