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Welsh Folk Lore - Fairy Mothers And Human Midwives.

Garth Uchaf Llanuwchllyn Changeling Legend
Yr oedd gwraig Garth Uchaf, yn Llanuwchllyn, un tro wedi my...

Fairy Mothers And Human Midwives
Fairies are represented in Wales as possessing all the pass...

Denbighshire Version Of A Fairy Mother And Human Midwife
The following story I received from the lips of David Rober...

Merionethshire Version Of The Fairy Mother And Human Midwife
A more complete version of this legend is given in the Gord...

The Corwrion Version
One of the Fairies came to a midwife who lived at Corwrion ...

The Nanhwynan Version
Once on a time, when a midwife from Nanhwynan had newly got t...

Fairy Visits To Human Abodes
Old people often told their children and servant girls, tha...

A Fairy Borrowing A Gridiron
The following Fairy legend was told to Mr. W. W. Cobb, of H...

Fairy Riches And Gifts
The riches of the Fairies are often mentioned by the old pe...

The Fairies Placing Money On The Ground For A Poor Man
The following tale was told me by Thomas Jones, a small mou...

The Fairies And Their Chest Of Gold
The following tale I obtained from the Rev. Owen Jones, Vic...

The Fairy Shilling
The Rev. Owen Jones, Pentrevoelas, whom I have already ment...

The Hidden Golden Chair
It is a good many years since Mrs. Mary Jones, Corlanau, Ll...

Fairy Treasures Seen By A Man Near Ogwen Lake
Another tale, similar to the preceding one, is told by my f...

The Fairies Giving Money To A Man For Joining Them In Their Dance
The following story came to me through the Rev. Owen Jones,...

The Fairies Placing Money On The Ground For A Poor Man


The following tale was told me by Thomas Jones, a small mountain farmer,
who occupies land near Pont Petrual, a place between Ruthin and
Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr. Jones informed me that he was acquainted with
all the parties mentioned in the tale. His story was as follows:--

A shoemaker, whose health would not permit him to pursue his own trade,
obtained work in a tanyard at Penybont, near Corwen. The shoemaker lived
in a house called Ty'n-y-graig, belonging to Clegir isa farm. He walked
daily to his employment, a distance of several miles, because he could
not afford to pay for lodgings. One day, he noticed a round bit of green
ground, close to one of the gates on Tan-y-Coed farm, and going up to it
discovered a piece of silver lying on the sward. Day after day, from the
same spot, he picked up a silver coin. By this means, as well as by the
wage he received, he became a well-to-do man. His wife noticed the many
new coins he brought home, and questioned him about them, but he kept the
secret of their origin to himself. At last, however, in consequence of
repeated inquiries, he told her all about the silver pieces, which daily
he had picked up from the green plot. The next day he passed the place,
but there was no silver, as in days gone by, and he never discovered
another shilling, although he looked for it every day. The poor man did
not live long after he had informed his wife whence he had obtained the
bright silver coins.

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