431. If you take a baby in your arms for the first time, and at the same time wish, you will get your wish before the year is out. Quebec. 432. Take your Bible and wish. If it opens at and it came to pass, you will get your wish. ... Read more of Wishes at Superstitions.caInformational Site Network Informational

Urban Myths

Find a collection of thousands of myths and folklore through out history. Find myths, ancient stories and tales from Nature, Australian, Scandinavian, Scotland, North American Indian, Philippine, Hebrew, Hiawatha, Santal Parganas and all nations.

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The Hypothesis Concerning The European Origin Of The Aryans
The Troy Saga In Heimskringla And The Prose Edda
The Frankish Migration Saga
The Creation Of Man The Primeval Country Scef The Bringer Of Culture
The Zebra Stallion
The Story Of Sa'-zada Zoo Keeper
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Panaumbe Penaumbe And The Lord Of Matomai[e]
The Man Who Was Changed Into A Fox
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Snow-white And Rosy-red
The Two Misers
The Little Man In Grey