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Urban Myths

Find a collection of thousands of myths and folklore through out history. Find myths, ancient stories and tales from Nature, Australian, Scandinavian, Scotland, North American Indian, Philippine, Hebrew, Hiawatha, Santal Parganas and all nations.

Most Viewed

Hadassah's Guest
The White Stone Canoe
The Maiden Wiser Than The Tsar
Horse And Hattock
Idas And Marpessa
Y Fuwch Frech The Freckled Cow
Charm For Removing A Stye From The Eye
Beowulf And Grendel
The Heron
Mermaids And Mermen
Robin Redbreast
Origin Of The Fairies
The Bible And Key Divination
The Heron
The Misdoing Of Kamapua
Agnes Surriage
Roland The Paladin
Bootoolgah The Crane And Goonur The Kangaroo Rat The Fire Makers
Origin Of A Name
Salem And Other Witchcraft
The Devil's Tree By Eglwys Rhos
The Talking Eggs - A Story From Louisiana
Howe's Masquerade
The Crow
Skipper Ireson's Ride
Bahloo The Moon And The Daens
Moodus Noises
The Obstinacy Of Saint Clair
The Phantom Train Of Marshall Pass
The Wood Pigeon

Least Viewed

AristĂus The Bee-keeper
The Children Of L╬r
Prince Chaffinch
The Origin Of Sickness And Medicine
The Eagle Crest
The Shadow Wife
The Long Winter
The Fatherless Birds
The Lovers' Leap
The Misfortunes Of Paw Yan
The Story Of Sa'-zada Zoo Keeper
The Youngest Prince And The Youngest Princess
The Pre-eminence Of The Oak Pine-tree And Mugwort
The Worship Of The Salmon The Divine Fish
The Man Who Lost His Wife
The Kind Giver And The Grudging Giver
The Man Who Married The Bear-goddess
The Enchanted Crow
The Goblin Bird
The Expeditious Frog
The Little Man In Grey
Red White And Black
The Study Of Magic Under Difficulties
The Very Wonderful Adventures Of Pista The Swineherd
The Lucky Days
The Courageous Flute-player
The Owl Gets Married
The Winged Hunter
The Girl Who Rejected Her Cousin
The Wooden Wife
The Man Who Entertained Bears
The Spirit-guarded Cave
The Faithful Wife
The Ambitious Priest