Lakhan And The Bongas

Once a young man named Lakhan was on a hunting party and he pursued

a deer by himself and it led him a long chase until he was far from

his companions; and when he was close behind it they came to a pool

all overgrown with weeds and the deer jumped into the pool and Lakhan

after it; and under the weeds he found himself on a dry high road

and he followed the deer along this until it entered a house and he

also entered. The people of the house asked him to sit down but the

stool which was offered him was a coiled up snake, so he would not

go near it; and he saw that they were bongas and was too frightened

to speak. And in the cattle pen attached to the house he saw a great

herd of deer.

Then a boy came running in and asked the mistress of the house

who Lakhan was; she said that he had brought their kid home for

them. Lakhan wanted to run away but he could not remember the road

by which he had come. Two daughters of the house were there and they

wanted their father to keep Lakhan as a son-in-law; but their father

told them to catch him a kid and let him go; so they brought him a

fawn and the two girls led him back and took him through the pool to

the upper world: but on the way they put some enchantment on him,

for two or three weeks later he went mad and in his madness he ran

about from one place to another and one day he ran into the pool and

was seen no more, and no one knows where he went or whether the two

bonga maidens took him away.

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