Lion And Baboon

Baboon, it is said, once worked bamboos, sitting on the edge of a

precipice, and Lion stole upon him. Baboon, however, had fixed some

round, glistening, eye-like plates on the back of his head. When,

therefore, Lion crept upon him, he thought, when Baboon was looking at

him, that he sat with his back towards him, and crept with all his might

upon him. When, however, Baboon turned his back towards him, Lion

thought that he was seen, and hid himself. Thus, when Baboon looked at

him, he crept upon him.[4] When he was near him Baboon looked up, and

Lion continued to creep upon him. Baboon said (aside), "Whilst I am

looking at him he steals upon me, whilst my hollow eyes are on him."

When at last Lion sprung at him, he lay (quickly) down upon his face,

and Lion jumped over him, falling down the precipice, and was dashed to



[4] Whilst Baboon did this, Lion came close upon him.

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