Satan Playing Cards At A Merry Meeting

It was formerly a general custom in Wales for young lads and lasses to

meet and spend a pleasant evening together in various farmhouses. Many

kinds of amusements, such as dancing, singing, and card playing, were

resorted to, to while away the time. The Rev. Owen Jones informed me

that once upon a time a merry party met at Henafon near Rhuddlan, and

when the fun was at its height a gentleman came to the farm, and joined

heartily in all the merriment. By and by, card playing was introduced,

and the stranger played better than any present. At last a card fell to

the ground, and the party who picked it up discovered that the clever

player had a cloven foot. In his fright the man screamed out, and

immediately the Evil One--for he it was that had joined the

party--transformed himself into a wheel of fire, and disappeared up the


For the next tale I am also indebted to my friend the Rev. Owen Jones.

The story appears in a Welsh MS. in his possession, which he kindly lent

me. I will, first of all, give the tale in the vernacular, and then I

will, for the benefit of my English readers, supply an English


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