The Evil Maker

The Great Spirit made man, and all the good things in the world, while

the Evil Spirit was asleep. When the Evil Spirit awoke he saw an

Indian, and, wondering at his appearance, he went to him and asked--

"Who made you?"

"The Great Spirit," replied the man.

"Oh, oh," thought the Evil Spirit, "if he can make such a being so can


So he went to work, and tried his best to make an Indian like the man

he saw, but he made some mistake, and only made a black man. When he

saw that he had failed he was very angry, and in that state was

walking about when he met a black bear.

"Who made you?" he asked.

"The Great Spirit," answered the bear.

"Then," thought the Evil Spirit, "I will make a bear too."

To work he went, but do what he would he could not make a black bear,

but only a grizzly one, unfit for food. More disgusted than before, he

was walking through the forest when he found a beautiful serpent.

"Who made you?" he asked.

"The Great Spirit," replied the serpent.

"Then I will make some like you," said the Evil Maker.

He tried his best, but the serpents he made were all noisome and

poisonous, and he saw that he had failed again.

Then it occurred to him that he might make some trees and flowers, but

all his efforts only resulted in his producing some poor deformed

trees and weeds.

Then he said--

"It is true, I have failed in making things like the Great Spirit, but

I can at least spoil what he has made."

And he went off to put murder and lies in the hearts of men.

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