The Naughty Grandchildren

An old woman had set her pot on the fire with the soup for dinner, and

as her two grandchildren were playing near, she cautioned them not to

upset the pot. The boy and girl were in a frolicsome mood, chasing one

another with shouts of laughter; and as they ran they heedlessly

struck against the pot, which rolled over and broke in pieces,

spilling the rich broth into the ashes.

Now when their grandmother saw the mischief they had done in spite of

her warning, she caught and whipped them both. Thereupon the children

determined to run away.

As soon as she missed them, the old woman followed the runaways out

into the desert, calling loudly upon them to come back, for she had

only punished them for their own good and loved them both dearly.

However, run as fast as she might, she could never come up with them.

The two children were never seen again; but it is said that they were

turned into two giant cacti and still stand side by side upon the


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