The Paharia Socialists

Formerly before the Santals came into the country the four taluqs

of Sankara, Chiptiam, Sulunga and Dhaka formed the Paharia Raj and

the whole country was dense jungle. Then the Santals came and cleared

the jungle, and brought the land under cultivation. The Paharia Raja

of Gando was named Somar Singh and he paid tribute to the Burdwan Raja.

Once ten or twelve Paharias went to Burdwan to pay the annual

tribute. After they had paid in the money the Raja gave them a feast

and a room to sleep in and sent them one bed. The Paharias had a

discussion as to who should sleep on the bed and in order to avoid any

ill-feeling about it they decided that they would all sleep on the

ground and put their feet on the bed and then they could feel that

they had all an equal share of it. This they did and in the morning

the Burdwan Raja came in and found them all lying in this strange

position and was very much amused. He explained that he had sent the

bed for the use of the chief man among them and asked whether they had

no distinctions of rank. "Yes" they said "we have in our own villages;

but here we are in a foreign land and as we do not all belong to one

village who is to decide which is the chief among us. Away from home

we are all equal."

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