The Swallow

The joy with which the first swallow is welcomed is almost if not quite

equal to the welcome given to the cuckoo. One swallow does not make a

summer is an old saw.

There is a superstition connected with the swallow that is common in

Wales, which is, that if it forsakes its old nest on a house, it is a

sign of ill luck to that house. But swallows rarely forsake their old

nests, and shortly after their arrival they are busily engaged in

repairing the breaches, which the storms of winter or mischievous

children have made in their abodes; and their pleasant twitterings are a

pleasure to the occupants of the house along which they build their

nests, for the visit is a sign of luck.

The flight of the swallow is a good weather sign. When the swallow flies

high in the air, it is a sign of fair weather; when, on the other hand,

it skims the earth, it is a sign of rain.

It was a great misfortune to break a swallow's nest, for--

Y neb a doro nyth y wenol,

Ni wel fwyniant yn dragwyddol.

Whoever breaks a swallow's nest,

Shall forfeit everlasting rest.

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